Talk2PDF is a unique project that allows users to interact with PDF documents through a chat interface. Whether you need to extract information from resumes, study materials, or any other PDF document, Talk2PDF leverages advanced technologies to make the process intuitive and efficient. Talk2PDF


  1. Upload a PDF: Click the "Upload PDF" button to select and upload a PDF document.
  2. Start Chatting: Once the PDF is uploaded, you can start a conversation by typing your questions or requests in the chatbox.
  3. Interact with the PDF: Chat naturally, and the system will respond based on the content of the PDF.

Tech Stack

  1. NextJS for frontend and backend
  2. LangChain to convert PDF documents into small chunks of text
  3. Open AI Embeddings API to generate the vector embeddings
  4. Pinecone DB for storing vector embeddings
  5. Amazon S3 to store the uploaded PDFs
  6. Neon DB: A serverless Postgres service to store other user data
  7. Clerk to manage user authentication
  8. Open AI Completions API to power the chat with the PDF